[REVIEW FILM] Corgi: The Queen’s Corgi

The animated film Corgi: The Queen’s Corgi is an amusing and interesting piece of work during 85 minutes for audiences especially children.

Corgi movie content: The Royal Dogs

The Queen’s Corgi has a story about a large group of British royal corgi puppies (because they have chicken-like thighs), they live in velvet more than ordinary people.

We have the dog character Rex, the Queen's own pet dog and of course he is interested in the whole country and considers Rex a symbol and image popular across the country, he is currently present in all events. The greatness of the country, with the advertising logo on the products ...

Corgi: Những Chú Chó Hoàng Gia

however, because of the love that the Queen has for her, Rex is very arrogant so this dog is hated and harmed by his close friend to the point of departure.

Part of the script created too much information, a bit overwhelming for the young audience did not understand much life. It is easy to see issues such as the politics of the two great powers in the world, envy, interests, solidarity…. integrated into the details. But these elements are just a glimpse into the background for dogs only, the dialogue is easy to understand. So the kids can still understand how the movie is watching.

Corgi: Những Chú Chó Hoàng Gia

Corgi: The Royal Dogs have a strong point of making them happy and refreshed with laughter. The way Rex bassass inside the palace when living like a prince and a servant. Even with the romance that happened to the beautiful Wanda, this is a very entertaining animation.

The only downside is that the amount of information embedded in the episodes is definitely high for viewers under the age of 16. There are some violent scenes of dogs fighting, the children will still question their parents in the subtly sensitive conversations of adults. But of course, apart from these episodes, the movie will be more suitable for younger audiences.

Corgi: Những Chú Chó Hoàng Gia

The voice actors also contribute emotional lines, creating extremely vivid characters. Corgi images: The royal dogs have celebrities such as the US presidential couple, the British Queen, and are shaped to resemble real life.

 Corgi: Những Chú Chó Hoàng Gia

The cuteness and loveliness covers the space of this funny cartoon, surely the babies will have parents buy this big puppy right after watching it. The scenes of the palace, dog shelters, arenas ... are made very smooth and smooth.

The story is quite simple and easy to understand because it focuses on the family. But there is still an adventure worth watching, waiting for the exciting and thrilling episodes to follow Rex's journey. In addition to trying to convey the profound human meaning of life lessons for children, we have to become better people to get what we deserve from that effort.

Corgi: Những Chú Chó Hoàng Gia

The animated soundtrack is made authentic, but with such an animation is just enough

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